Choose stitching technique
We described the pointillism technique as a process:
  • sort the colors by number of stitches, greatest to fewest
  • select the unstitched color having the most stitches
  • find and mark all the squares containing the symbol of that color on the chart
  • stitch them in any sequence that makes sense to you
  • repeat until all colors are stitched
Traditional cross stitch technique is also a process:
  • choose a row or column on the chart to stitch
  • start with the next square to be stitched
  • select the appropriate color floss
  • complete the stitch in the fabric
  • switch floss to new color as necessary
  • repeat until all stitches are placed
Both techniques work on these charts. The pointillism technique will enable you to stitch these charts faster because:
  • there are lots of stitches
  • there are lots of colors
  • the colors change very frequently