Welcome to Stitching Designs of Nature!

We are all about science and the delight that objects in nature bring to us every day. That's why some of our designs are larger than life to show detail you don't ordinarily see, and some designs are smaller than life to show the beauty that is there. It's also the reason our charts are as accurate to the object as we can make them, given the constraints of resolution and color palette inherent to cross stitch.

We are searching for natural things that are interesting and beautiful for our chart designs. We won't put a chart into our catalogue until it has been stitched--and that takes time so check back often. We are working on lots more!

If this is your first vist to StitchingNature.com, please visit Stitching Tips to find out about the design criteria, chart attributes, and a tool to help you pick charts you can finish.

About the Site

We have a different vision of using the internet to share information and offer products to customers. The popular trend is to take shopping cart software, add some spaces for marketing, focus on showing the products and processing payment. It can be interesting stuff and processes but different from the reasons you want to stitch a butterfly, fish, plant, bird, celestial object, or something completely different. There is little room on an e-commerce site for exploring why the products were created and what meaning they might offer. You know, the important stuff. So we have an informational site that has an attached shopping section.

This part of the site is devoted to information about the objects we have cross stitched. We call it "the science page". Presently it just contains information about the charts. Soon it will contain some basic science information about each of the objects such as life cycle, food, habitat/ecology, species list and key, endangered status, and quirks along with the chart information. The science will help you understand the object's place in the web of life and, hopefully, it's place in the answer to the question of life, the universe and everything. There will also be a kids section with fun facts and coloring pages of the objects (and no access to the Shopping section). The science and kids sections will have more images of the objects in natural settings rather than the more formal poses we cross stitch.

We decided to make the charts available because others have expressed interest in stitching these charts. Clicking the Shopping button in the top menu will take you to the shop front page and two more clicks will reach the shopping page for any chart. The charts and all the information about them is repeated in the shop pages. You can easily find the one that will look perfect on your wall. After you pay for the chart(s), you will receive an email in a few minutes with a link in it for downloading the chart packet(s). All you need do is click the link and the chart packet will be placed into the download folder used by your email engine. The chart packet has all the information in it to start stitching (see What's in the Packet?). We use this method of delivering the chart packet because the file size can be bigger than your email engine may allow.




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  Bubo scandiacus or snowy owl, eyes
Bubo scandiacus or snowy owl, eyes
Nymphalis antiopa or Mourning Cloak
Nymphalis antiopa or Mourning Cloak

work in progress
  Fish Plants Science 101  
  Oncorhynchus clarki lewisi or Westslope cutthroat trout, 28 count
Oncorhynchus clarkii lewisi or Westslope cutthroat trout, 28 count

pussywillow blooms

Salix discolor or pussywillow blossoms

Tree of Life by Charles Darwin
Darwin's Tree of Life
  Science 101 Science 101    
  Current Periodic Table
Periodic Table
Twin Primes 1 to 625
Twin Primes 1 to 625